Laser beam; carbon dioxide is produced by applying electric current to carbon dioxide gas in laser machines. In addition to this, nitrogen and helium gas is added to the carbon dioxide gas to increase the efficiency and the efficiency is increased by 1/3. The laser cutting process is called Laser Cutting. With the ease of obtaining the laser beam in this way, increases in application areas have been observed. The biggest reason for producing with laser cutting is to minimize the production error and provide automation. The ease of use in engineering and industry has greatly increased the interest in laser cutting. The laser can be applied in various machines and the production can be done 24 hours and the cost is reduced by providing mass production. Nickel alloys, steel, chrome, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and alloys etc. cutting operations of materials can be made. In addition, with the advantages of using the Autocad program, cutting is done in a shorter time and the parts can be cut in sets at the same time.


Advantages of Laser Cutting

Mold-free manufacturing
Zero deformation of the material
Minimal roughness and burr-free cutting on the workpiece
Low cost and ease of operation in prototype work
Drilling holes in very small diameters
More economical than machining
No crushing and distortion of the material as it does not contact the material